2014 I’m Gonna——–!

2014 I’m Gonna_____!

Every New Year, millions of people make millions of resolutions to correct character flaws.  About February, they decide that their flaws are part of their charm.  This year I decided not to go through the steps: excitement at goal setting, determination, apathy, and guilt. This year I decided to just stick with the excitement of goal setting and make resolutions for others…namely my book characters.  They really don’t mind, and I’m not worried about them failing… they are either long gone, or fictional.

1. I will manage money better.  Buffalo Bill Cody (Annie’s Guests) Bufalo Bill


2. I will prepare for all possible events. Lieutenant Commander Waldo Tullsen (Banana River)       Scan0001 (3)








3. I going to find a peaceful place to enjoy. Buster Bailey (Canyon of Gold) Canyon Cover






4.  When times are tough, I will use all the resources I can.  Catherine Reidy (Images of America: Oro Valley)

Oro Valley







5. I will pay attention to what people tell me. Coronal Fountain (Outlaw Tales of New Mexico)

6. I will be ready to do what I have to, including butchering the pig. Elizabeth Adelaide Hoopes Allen (In Our Own Words)  Hoopes Allen




7. I will stay away from disgruntled ghosts. Mary Elizabeth Lambert (Myths and Mysteries of New Mysteries BookcoverMexico)







Barbara Marriott Contact Creed a Novel of Old Colorado



8. I will not let the bad guys get away with anything.   Leonarda Stanton Worthington (Contact Creede)





9. When life is tough, I’ll stick with it. D. C. Warren (Legendary Locals: Marana, Oro Valley and Catalina)









10. Safety first in everything we do. The Fleet Angels (The Fleet Angels of Lakehurst)  Cover






11. I’ll cook good food; it solves all problems. Maria (Take the Train to Tucson)  Spring 2014

Train to Tucson




12. You can’t win them all, but I’ll try. John Ringo (Two Six Shooters Beat Four Aces. 2015

Happy New Year everyone.  Share your New Years’ resolutions with me.



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