A Walk On the Wild Side

You would think a brisk morning walk in a western suburban town would be an invigorating and pleasant way to spend a few hours. WRONG! Here it is 2019 and a stroll can become as challenging as a hike through a dangerous jungle. This morning it was javelinas that shared our domain…well the truth is we invaded their domain as they were here first. In case you have never met one, a javelina looks like a big hairy pig but is really in the rodent family. they have poor eyesight and are aggressive, so beware.

Sometimes in our neighborhood we see deer, bobcats and on occasion a mountain lion. Once a bear paid a visit to our community.

That’s the Wild West even in the twenty-first century. We save a lot of money not having to visit zoos or go on safaris.

Makes me think about what the pioneers put up with living in their tents and small log cabins in the middle of nowhere. Pioneer women had some stories about wild animals, Indians, and outlaws. Read their words as they talk about them in IN OUR OWN WORDS: THE LIVES of ARIZONA WOMEN. Of course the tough pioneer men had their own brave stories about the wild life, which they boastfully shared in TWO SIX SHOOTERS BEAT FOUR ACES.

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