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On the Road
Arizona Humanities Council is sponsoring these presentations by Barbara Marriott, for qualified organizations, as a part of their Roads Scholar Program.  For more information check their web, or email


Telling it like it was: Interviews with Arizona Pioneer women

Hoopes-AllenDuring the Depression, the Federal Writers Project conducted interviews with over 144 women who arrived in the Arizona Territory between 1850 and 1890.  The women spoke of their long and dangerous journeys and with their words paint pictures of the hardships, and life threatening situations of their frontier existence. Through hard work, dedication, tenacity, and humor they conquered and helped make a state.  Hear the story of the original Arizona pioneer women including the Udalls, Flakes, Kartchners, and Romeros…all told in their own words.
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Annie’s Hotel: A visit to a luxury frontier hotel in 1896

MVAnnie Box Neal, a unique and talented woman, managed the world-famous Mountain View Hotel in a tiny Arizona village.  People came from all over the world to Oracle, Arizona to enjoy Annie’s food and entertainment. Annie and her husband William Neal shared ownership in the hotel, but it was all Annie’s.  At a time when women were rare in business, Annie, part African American and part Native American was an international star.  Meet Annie and five special guests including William Buffalo Bill Cody.
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Two Six Shooters Bet Four Aces: The lives of men on the Arizona Frontier

J-RingoThese interviews with pioneer men who first rode into the Arizona Territory when the law of the land was a gun are a saga of incredible action of gun battles, deadly weather, Indian attacks, outlaws, and evasive fortunes.  Some found success, some found poverty, and some found an early death. These are the true-life stories of Arizona characters including outlaw John Ringo, tough Pete Kitchen, Rough Rider Bucky O’Neill, and Henry Wickenburg the man who found a rich mine and died a pauper.
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A Woman of Courage: The life of Francis Hunt Udall

Francis-UdallIn a place that bred only hardship, Francis Hunt Udall attacked adversity with cheerfulness and capability raising children that would leave an important imprint on the future state of Arizona. Down through the years the Udalls have answered the call for civic duty with patriotism, dedication to duty and intelligence, all learned at their mother’s knee. Travel with Francis into the unpredictable and bleak frontier, live her days as she struggles to care for her children, often without her husband’s presence, and share her heartaches and joy.
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