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Paint ‘n Spurs
Four men walked into a bar and over booze, beer, and laughs created a powerful American art movement. Joined by fellow artist Fred Harman they called their organization the Cowboy Artists of America. Fred Harman the creator of the famous comic book character Red Ryder added his commercial knowledge, George Phippen added his reputation as a pioneer in the field of Southwest art. Read More

Two Six Shooter Beat Four Aces
Tales from the Arizona Frontier told by the men who lived there. This glimpse into Western frontier lifestyles—particularly in territorial Arizona—portrays history from the perspective of those who lived it.  From outlaws and lawmen, miners and prospectors, cowboys, shepherds, and those who came to the state for its mineral wealth, the stories and descriptions offered by these Arizona pioneers in interviews with the Federal Writers Project become a powerful tapestry of adventure and men’s dreams. Read More

Take the Train to Tucson
It is 1894 and Leonarda Stanton Worthington is beginning the year in trouble. It all starts when she takes the train to Tucson to join her father, and gets involved with train robbers and a cream cake. Before she can get sand in her shoes, or poked by a cactus, she is caught up in murder and kidnapping by a band of ruthless western outlaws. Too much for Leo’s feisty spirit? Read More

Legendary Locals of Marana, Oro Valley and Catalina
Legendary Locals of Marana, Oro Valley, and Catalina is a look into the history of three communities and the unique individuals that make them a part of  the west that so fascinates America. Through vintage and contemporary pictures these faces tell a story that is exciting, old, and on-going. Meet historical characters, sports greats, Hollywood stars,  artists, and some of the biggest hearts in America. Read More

Annie’s Guests
Visit a Territorial Hotel and meet five of Annie’s Favorite Guests including Buffalo Bill Cody. Here, at the playground of the wealthy and famous, join in the western antics, drama and mystery at the Mountain View Hotel. Read More

Canyon of Gold
The original Arizona Pioneers faced Indian attacks, drought, and bootleggers in the Santa Catalina Mountains. A ghostly hiker entertains you with stories, a gruff German becomes a millionaire and a pauper, and a star-crossed family plays out their tragedies. Read More

Oro Valley: Images of America
A spin through the history of the unique town of Oro Valley with vintage pictures. See the ancient communities of the Hohokum Indians; meet the original hound from the Hound and the Foxes. The Queen of the rattlesnakes, and an English Countess enhance the historical significant of this town. Meet them in original pictures. Arizona Press Women 2009 Finalist, Non-Fiction Book. Read More

Outlaw Tales of New Mexico
A good old shoot-em-up filled with the bad men, and a bad girl from New Mexico’s outlaw days. A fun read and a must for lovers of the old west and of outlaw stories. Arizona Press Women 2008 First Place, and National Federation of Press Women Finalist for Non-Fiction Book. Read More

Banana River
Welcome Aboard NAS Banana River. Join the base in its beginning as a small auxiliary station and grow with it through submarine attacks, a Bermuda Triangle mystery, and an assortment of humorous and dedicated characters. The United States Navy’s antisubmarine community has its roots in this little known base. Read More

In Our Own Words
From 1935 to 1939 The Federal Writer’s Project interviewed Arizona pioneer women, most in their seventies and eighties. Here in their own words they tell of the hardships, disappointments, successes, and joys of traveling the hard trail to the wilds of Arizona, life on the frontier, and the making of a state. Order this book from or Read More

Myths and Mysteries of New Mexico
A madcap trip through New Mexico’s history takes you to lost and found treasure, aliens from beyond space, and strange creatures in our own world. If that isn’t enough, there is a hint of heavenly intervention, and a passel of determined ghosts. Thirteen stories of historical facts that truly make New Mexico the land of enchantment. Who said history wasn’t fun. Read More

Contact Creed!
1892–Leonarda Stanton Worthington (just call me Leo) is on her way west to search for her father who abandoned her twenty years ago. Along the way she meets trouble; Leo is shot, almost blown up, kidnapped, and saved from a disastrous fire by Bast Masterson. Join Leo in her madcap romp through the Old West. Read More

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