Banana River

Barbara Marriott Banana RiverIt was nothing more than a thin strip of land bordered by an ocean and a landlocked salt river.  Its inhabitants were hoards of sand flies and mosquitoes.  In time, it probably would have been taken over by developers, and become another resort area.  But catastrophic events, beyond its shores, dictated a different role.

The sand was shaped into a naval base and the sand flies and mosquitoes shared space with the young men and women who came to prepare for war.  All they had in common was their youth.  Yet, in a time that threatened their lifestyle, their country and the world, these strangers became a cohesive unit that worked together, played together, and in some cases died together.

Woven into the mix was a mysterious spot called the Bermuda Triangle.  Into the blend were added man and his courage, his humor, and his indomitable will. The cast of characters included a local yachtsman, an ambassador’s son, a daredevil Navy pilot, and a variety of courageous, ingenious, and humorous players.  The sea and sky were the canvas of aviation war machines that became the hunters and killers of the deadly efficient submarines lurking just off its shore-the German Wolf Pack.

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