Canyon of Gold

Barbara Marriott Canyon of Gold

ISBN 0-9723771-1-5 Price $15

Come along to the Canada del Oro, the Canyon of Gold, a place of mysterious legends of gold riches, unfulfilled promises, jumping red lights, and a bloody past.

Join George Pusch at the Steam Pump Ranch as he creates a cattle empire that slowly disintegrates.

Wander through the ranches of cattlemen who struggled with floods, droughts, the depression, mountain lions and Apache raids – the determined cattle ranchers who started a century and a state.

Connect with the mountainmen, who challenged the rugged mountains and tried to tame the impossible twists and spires of rock.  Buster Bailey, a man of many stories, most with his own humorous twist.  Billy Chester, a fearsome mountain lion hunter; and the Knagges, a dynasty of toughness and tragedy.

Come to the canyon of gold – a canyon that once ran red with blood.  Meet the pioneers who challenged the mountains.

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