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The mining boomtowns of Colorado were no place for a Boston socialite-but don’t tell that to Leo Worthington The telegram read: KNOW WHERE JOHN STANTON IS STOP CONTACT ME CREEDE That was Leonarda Stanton Worthington’s only clue to the father who had abandoned her twenty years ago. Now “Leo” is on a quest to find him; not for sentimental reasons, curiosity, or even love-but for the money. Leo is a dead broke Boston socialite who needs her inheritance to continue her lifestyle. She was going to Creede, Colorado to meet her father, get her money, and be back to the high life of Boston society in a fortnight. What Leo found in Creede was an 1892 silver boomtown seething with murder, intrigue and mystery. Bat Masterson, Poker Alice, Soapy Smith, Jack “Nonpareil” Dempsey and Lowell Thomas all lend Leo a helping hand as she follows the trail of her lost father from Creede to Cripple Creek. Contributing to the hunt is a man named Ten, a friendly Madame, some miscellaneous miners, murderers and prostitutes, and a few Pinkerton agents. Along the way she is shot, blown up, and kidnapped, but continues her quest anyway. Join Leo in this mad 1890s romp as she defies the West and dares anyone to try and stop her.

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