Oro Valley: Images of America

Barbara Marriott Oro Valley

ISBN 13 978-0-7385-4834-0 Price: $19.00

Located on ancient land between the Tortolita and Santa Catalina Mountains north of Tucson, the town of Oro Valley is very much a newcomer, having officially incorporated in 1974.

But its earliest families date back to 1100, when the Hohokam established villages in the area.  In the 1800s, hardy pioneers used the abundant waters of the nearby Canada del Oro to establish cattle ranches, while the early 1900s brought health seekers to ranch or establish other business endeavors.  In the 20th century, the Canada del Oro dried up, forcing many residents to move.

But other remained and fought to keep their community from being absorbed by a booming Tucson.

They were successful, and today the growing Oro Valley boasts a fascinating history, thriving technology sector, emerging arts scene, and all the comforts of modern living.

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