The Fleet Angels of Lakehurst

fleetofangels-bookcoverThe Fleet Angels of Lakehurst: Their History, Heroics, and Humor

On a crisp afternoon, 1 April 1948, the future of naval aviation was changed forever.  Standing near the hangar that once housed the Hindenburg, Captain Clayton Marcy read the orders that established the first two fleet-operational helicopters.  Lakehurst, New Jersey became the home of Helicopter Utility Squadron Two (HU-2) and for the next 20 years, operating from icebreakers, cruisers, and aircraft carriers, they moved thousands of tons of cargo, provided support for scientific research missions and completed over 2,000 at sea rescues.  This is the story of their mission, and some of the quirky humor that got them through difficult and dangerous times.

ISBN: 978-1-6243-2000-2, e-Book ISBN: 978-1-6243-2001-9

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