George Got It Write

Popular author George Galdorisi shares the secret of writing best selling books. According to George it’s all in hooking your reader.

“People lead such frenetic lives in 2019 that writer are especially challenged to hook their readers, often in minutes or even seconds. that can happen in a bookstore, or more commonly, on Amazon with a “Look Inside” the book offer.

I reflected on one opening sentence that I keep coming back to as a “best-practices” example. Here it is, from James Jones From Here to eternity:

“When he finished packing, he walked out onto the third-floor porch of the barracks brushing the dust from his hands, a very neat and deceptively slim young man in the summer khakis that were still early morning fresh.”

And here’s how Ed McBain breaks it down in Killer’s Payoff:

“Jones packs a hell of a lot into that first line. He tells you it’s summer, he tells you it’s morning, he tells you you’re on an Army post with a solider who’s obviously leaving for someplace, and he gives you a thumbnail description of his hero. That’s a good opening line.”

Keep Writing…and go find that killer good opening sentence…”

Thanks George. For more Galdorisi check out his blogs at George’s latest book, with his punch opening line, is For Duty and Honor

For more books with that military color read Fleet Angels, the history of naval helicopter flying, told by the men who flew them when they were questionable and mysterious machines, to the men and women who now fly these sophisticated hi-tech aircraft. They give it to you straight… with daring, adventure, competence, and humor. Their stories take you into the minds and hearts of these warriors.

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