Santa Claus, that clever man, has been finding people even before the days of GPS, Goggle Earth, and Map Quest.  To him it doesn’t matter if you hang your stocking on your fireplace, the barn door, or your ship’s bunk.  However, some deliveries are tougher than others, and there are just so many places a sleigh with seven reindeer power can take you.  So the five thousand plus men on the USS Kennedy in 1970 had little hope Santa would ever reach them.

They underestimated that jolly determined man.  He couldn’t bring them all home for the holidays, but he could make their days brighter.  However, he needed special help, and he knew where he could get it.  He contacted the Fleet Angels.

“No problem!” they said. “We’ll pick up your present and deliver it in prime condition.”  And, good to their word, they did.  Not only did they deliver laughs, but look what else they brought.





As great as these gifts were, nothing is as good as something from home.  In Vietnam Santa loaded the helicopters with a ton of cookies baked by the sailors’ loved ones.  While loading at the airbase the air raid siren went off.  Aware of their important cargo, the helo crews scramble to take off.  They didn’t have time to secure the load, so several crewmen were covered with boxes of baked goodies.  They laughed all the way back to the ships; they knew their cargo would put a big smile on their shipmates’ faces and a crunch in their hearts. To The Fleet Angels of Lakehurst it was just another job well done. May your holidays be filled with laughs, cookies and surprises.

Everyone likes holidays, even evil characters…put one in your story line.

The Fleet Angels of Lakehurst is now available in e-book and pocketbook format.  It is filled with the heroics and humor of these navy helicopter crews whose main mission was performing rescues at sea.  Available at    








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