Sandy…The Monsoon Dog!

Sandy the Monsoon Puppy

monsoon wash 001

There was something brown bobbing around the wash swollen by the monsoon rains, pulled along by the swift, vicious current.  Leo Stanton Worthington knew it wasn’t a bunch of rags, or a pile of twigs, and when her ranch foreman Joey lassoed the bundle, it turned out to be a puppy.  Leo immediately named the small shivering bundle Sandy.

sandy good

Turned out Sandy was a very brave puppy and very loyal.  In the following months, the puppy grew into a loving and sweet dog; a courageous dog that saved Leo from the clutches of kidnappers bent on murder.  Of course, all of this happened in the late 1890s in the mystery novel, Take the Train to Tucson.

sandy good 3

However, there is a lot of truth in fiction, and Sandy is one of those truths.  The model for Sandy the Monsoon Puppy is the loving real life Labrador who has brought many years of happiness, and loyalty to her family.  For fourteen years she has chased after little children and watched them grew into men and women, she has followed her owner Bill and Candy around with love just pouring out of her. Fourteen years is a long time for any puppy, and now it is time for Sandy to find her rest, but her spirit will live on, if not in reality, than in fiction.



Thank you Sandy for sharing your love and life with us, you have made our lives so much richer.  May everyone be blessed with a Sandy in his or her life. sandy good 2


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