Getting ready for your vacation and you think how neat it is to be traveling in the twenty first century.  You have cars and airplanes, all they had in the 1800 was horses, stagecoaches, and with a bit of luck, a steam engine train.  Right!

Think again.  Two things…getting there, and getting home marred a recent trip to the Bahamas…a vacation that included pastel cottages and solo beaches.






Eleuthera blue










As soon as the trip started reality set in.  Each leg of flying was met by aircraft delays, canceled flights, rerouting, seats that were given away, and long waits on the tarmac while Mother Nature and the airlines negotiated routes, also socked in airports and go nowhere airplanes.

Now Leo Stanton Worthington had the right idea, although she didn’t have much choice in 1884.  She took the steam engine train to Tucson.  So what if she was robbed.  The outlaws didn’t keep her waiting four hours, then give her pretzels to make her feel better.  The robbery was quick and she kept her appetite.

When she couldn’t take the train, she hopped on a stagecoach.  Turns out her fellow passenger was a dead man, at least he didn’t complain, snore, or demand she get up every ten minutes so he could take a short walk down the aisle.

If you want a bit of the good old days, some western fun, and a western mystery, climb aboard and Take the Train to Tucson.  Its a good summer read whether you are on the Bahamas beach, at the lake, or touring.  It’s even good reading if you are stuck on an airplane.

Take the Train to Tucson is now available on, barnes&, and your local bookstore in e-book and soft cover.


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