What Are Big Girls Made of?

What Are Big Girls Made of?

The ubiquitous “they” say little girls are made of sugar and spice. But, what about big girls? seems like something happens between birth and the age of 18. I guess all the sugary and spice is used up and what we have left is courage and capriciousness, determination endearing and bravery and bravado. That’s what big girls are made of. Doubt me? Let’a look at history.

Lucy Flake headed for Arizona Territory in 1877 in a covered wagon as a young bride. Things weren’t as comfortable or as pleasant as she thought they were gong to be. Not even the weather cooperated.

In her own words: “For three days the wind had been terrific. The sand and small stones had beaten into the faces of the horses. The wagon covers were wired down leaving only a small opening in front for the driver to see. The women and children were huddled inside on beds which were made on rope corded from side to side and end to end. With the falling of the wind same a heavy snow. When the sun came out the next day I ordered the boys to fill the tubs with snow which was heated. I stood with tub and washboard and scrubbed the clothes of ten members of my family and half a dozen hired men. My song of gratitude, happiness and cheer rang out far and near over the frosty air.”

How’s that for courage and capriciousness! From In Our Own Words: The Lives of Arizonas Pioneer Women.

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