Xmas Present         

Santa has the best delivery system.  Ask any kid.  However, if you ask any sailor, they will tell you it’s not Santa that brings the Christmas goodies…it’s the Fleet Angels…the US Navy’s search, rescue, and delivery helicopter squadron.


For over fifty years, the men and women of the Fleet Angels have delivered mail to sailors serving aboard aircraft carriers and other naval ships. Deployed aboard US Naval vessels, they stand plane guard during aircraft sea maneuvers, perform rescue operations, and fly cargo and personnel between ships of the fleet.

They also deliver something more…a laugh, a tear, and a good time. They deliver the USO Christmas Show that features popular entertainment celebrates.  These shows bring song, dance, and laughs to our naval men and women away from their families.   Holidays are heart breaking when you are away from loved ones, but the Angels help add a bright moment to deployed men and women.

Although the pilots and crew personnel have other responsibilities, none brings them more pleasure than their holiday cargos.  This includes the delivery of the holiday mail, which means a LOT of cookies.

Of all the many celebrities who have entertained the Troops, none gave more of himself and his talents to the men and women in uniform than Bob Hope, and no celebrity is more revered than Hope, who started the Christmas Show tradition.

Welcome aboard to the USS John F. Kennedy and the Bob Hope Christmas Show, circa 1970.

1970_12_19 - CVA67-Det2 - Bob Hope Christmas Show21

1970_12_19 - CVA67-Det2 - Bob Hope Christmas Show05

1970_12_19 - CVA67-Det2 - Bob Hope Christmas Show08BH 2 (2)






American owes a debt of gratitude to Bob Hope for the joy he brought to our military men and women away from home.  I’m sure he has the heavenly angels in stitches.  Thank you Fleet Angels for delivering Hope.  Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas.


Barbara Marriott


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