Wine, Apples, and Cowboys. That’s a Wilcox Holiday

There is nothing like visiting an old western town when the tourists are gone.  A visit to the historic western town of Wilcox will put you in the frame of mind to read or write about the old pioneers as you walk in the footsteps of real and imaginary characters down the historic sidewalks of yesteryear.

Rex Allen Museum Cemetary

Wilcox is in Cochise Indian country and is a living monument to days of danger, cowboys, and Indians.  On Wilcox’s main street is the old train station waiting for the next steam engine to pull in.  Although that will not happen, the station sits nice, neat, and patient.  Across the street is a memorial to Rex Allen, famous cowboy star and singer, and down the road is the Rex Allen museum.  However, old time cowboys and history are not the only delights around town.




There are the famous Wilcox apples.  At Apple Annie’s grove you can pick you own, or buy them picked, delicious and crunchy.

Wine Map








Looking for something less nutritious but more fun? Scattered in the desert around Wilcox is Arizona’s fledging wine industry.  Spend a few tasty hours at the vineyards   It is an education for your mind and pallet.

Want more?  Why not…if its sensationalism you are looking for drive a short distance to Tombstone with its historical saloons, houses, shootouts, and lore.

Singing Winds

After all this, you might want something for your mind.  Another short ride will take you to the Singing Winds Bookstore in Benson.  Reader or not, lover of western history or someplace else, this fully packed old home in the middle of nowhere has some of the finest, newest, oldest, and most fascinating books on the old west.  Winn Bundy is the knowledgeable proprietor.  She’s a wiz at finding the special book you are requesting, or one she thinks you would like.  As you follow, she marches with authority toward a stack and plucks out your book.

If you can’t get to Wilcox, you can still bring a bit of the Wilcox spirit into your holiday with these two easy, special recipes.

APPLE STUFFING FOR YOUR GOBBLER. A kick from the old west.

2 cups chunky chopped apples

Half-cup apple cider

Optional: 1/4 cup raisins and/or pecans.

Marinate the chopped apples in the cider for two hours in the refrigerator.  Drain.  Add to your favorite stuffing.  Moisten the stuffing with a few tablespoons of the liquid, mix well.  Spoon into the turkey cavity before roasting, or cook the dressing in a separate pan and serve as a side.

DRUNKEN APPLES.  Apples and Wine, two of Wilcox’s favorite things.

2 cups of washed, cored, and sliced apples

2 tablespoons of butter

1 tablespoon of sugar

¼ cup of white wine

Melt the butter in a frying pan and sauté the apples slices for three minutes.  Sprinkle the sugar over the slices, add the white wine, and cook on a low heat until the apples are soft, but not mushy, or until most of the wine has evaporated. Use as a side dish with ham, pork, or fowl.

HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON! Eat well and laugh a lot, its good for the digestion.








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